PATEX 1: Patent Exploration for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) Experiment 1

PATEX 1: Patent Exploration for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM)

Experiment 1

What I wanted to do here is see what Google Patent would dig up for a search on recent granted patents that mention medicine and artificial intelligence.

The conditions for this experiment was a) patents already granted, b) in English, c) granted by USPTO.

the search used the following query:

I downloaded the search [Google allows about 250-300 returned items as a downloaded CSV formatted file), I then proceeded to manually look at the titles of the individual patents to see which actually are focused on medical / health services. I ignored those that have included the term somewhere in the text, but are really rather general and do not have specific focus on medicine or health.  [Algebra is very useful, but is not specifically focused on medicine].

These are the initial results ... kinda disappointing ... the experiment needs to be refined and/or AIM need to be much improved. Or maybe, it's just too early.  What do you think.  Analysis and insights discussion to follow.

for simplicity not all asignee/inventors are listed. full patent details available by clicking the link.

Patent ID title assignee inventor/author filing/creation date patent hyperlink
US-10265017-B1 Device, method and system for implementing a physical area network for cancer immunotherapy  Lucas J. Myslinski Lucas J. Myslinski 12/12/18
US-10278777-B1 Augmented reality visualization for guiding bone cuts including robotics  Philipp K. Lang Philipp K. Lang 12/12/18
US-10290101-B1 Heat map based medical image diagnostic mechanism  Sonavista, Inc. Christine I. Podilchuk, Richard Mammone 12/7/18
US-10268782-B1 System for conducting a service call with orienteering  Middle Chart, LLC Michael S. Santarone, Jason E. Duff, Michael A. Wodrich 10/31/18
US-10249048-B1 Method and system for predicting blood flow features based on medical images  Beijing Curacloud Technology Co., Ltd. Xin Wang, Youbing YIN, Dan Wu, Kunlin Cao, Yuwei Li 10/26/18
US-10261992-B1 System and method for actionizing patient comments  NarrativeDX, Inc. Kyle Robertson, Taylor Turpen 10/10/18
US-10258289-B2 System and method for task-less mapping of brain activity  Washington University Eric Leuthardt, Nicholas Szrama, Carl Hacker, Tim Laumann, Maurizio Corbetta, Abraham Z. Snyder 9/20/18
US-10226213-B2 Wearable digital device for personal health use for saliva, urine and blood testing and mobile wrist watch powered by user body  Zhou Tian Xing, Andrew H B Zhou, Tiger T G Zhou Zhou Tian Xing, Andrew H B Zhou, Tiger T G Zhou 9/10/18
US-10289899-B2 Computer-implemented methods and computer systems for real-time detection of human's emotions from visual recordings  Banuba Limited Viktor Prokopenya, Yury Hushchyn, Aliaksei Sakolski, Dzmitry Kachatkou, Viachaslau Arkhipau 8/31/18
US-10272292-B1 Adaptive sport posture sensing system and method  National Taiwan Normal University Yih-Guang Leu, Jon-Chao Hong 8/28/18
US-10244965-B1 Capnography device with constant remote surveillance and notification capabilities coupled with automated drug delivery instruments  Jeffrey S. Gibson Jeffrey S. Gibson 8/23/18
US-10244945-B2 System for reconstructing surface motion in an optical elastography system  Tiro Medical Limited James Geoffrey Chase, Tom Botterill 8/23/18
US-10275690-B2 Machine learning predictive labeling system  Sas Institute Inc. Xu Chen, Saratendu Sethi 8/22/18
US-10275285-B1 Data transformation caching in an artificial intelligence infrastructure  Pure Storage, Inc. Brian Gold, Emily Watkins, Ivan Jibaja, Igor Ostrovsky, Roy Kim 7/26/18
US-10121104-B1 System and method for anomaly detection via a multi-prediction-model architecture  Aivitae LLC Bob Hu 7/9/18
US-10215827-B2 Method to measure tissue texture using NMR spectroscopy to identify the chemical species of component textural elements in a targeted region of tissue  Bioprotonics Inc. Ian Parker, David R. Chase, Timothy W. James, Kristin James 7/6/18
US-10193695-B1 Methods and systems for automatic object recognition and authentication  Merck Patent Gmbh Thomas Endress, Daniel Szabo, Frederic Berkermann 6/29/18
US-10198832-B2 Generalizable medical image analysis using segmentation and classification neural networks  Deepmind Technologies Limited Jeffrey De Fauw, Joseph R. Ledsam, Bernardino Romera-Paredes, Stanislav Nikolov, Nenad Tomasev, Samuel Blackwell, Harry Askham, Xavier Glorot, Balaji Lakshminarayanan, Trevor Back, Mustafa Suleyman, Pearse A. Keane, Olaf Ronneberger, Julien Robert Michel Cornebise 6/28/18
US-10216476-B2 Interactive keyword cloud  Patient Prism LLC Michael G. Spiessbach, Amol Nirgudkar 6/28/18
US-10217620-B2 Early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma in high risk populations using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry  Biodesix, Inc. Joanna R√∂der, Carlos Oliveira, Julia Grigorieva, Heinrich R√∂der, Devalingam Mahalingam 6/27/18
US-10173099-B2 Hand therapy kit and electronic guide  Isos Solutions Llc Dimitrios Christoforou, Vipul Patel 6/22/18
US-10281456-B1 Systems and methods for discriminating effects on targets  Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Mason L. Victors, Blake C. Borgeson, Cedric St-Jean-Leblanc 6/1/18
US-10236082-B1 Personal assistant computing system monitoring  International Business Machines Corporation Kiran K. Anumalasetty, Phani Kumar V. U. Ayyagari, Manish A. Bhide 6/1/18
US-10163330-B1 System and method for securely accessing online systems  United Services Jon Daniel McEachron 5/30/18
US-10215756-B2 Composition for diagnosing pancreatic cancer and method for diagnosing pancreatic cancer using the same  Sk Telecom Co., Ltd., Seoul National University R&Db Foundation Yonghwan CHOI, Junghyun NAMKUNG, Sung Gon YI, Sangjo HAN, Jin-Young JANG, Taesung PARK, Youngsoo Kim 5/24/18
US-10245323-B2 Drug device configured for wireless communication  Pop Test Abuse Deterrent Technology Llc Randice Lisa Altschul, Neil David Theise, Razvan Andrei Ene, Myron Rapkin, Rebecca O'Brien 5/23/18
US-10214507-B2 Carbazole-containing amides, carbamates, and ureas as cryptochrome modulators  Reset Therapeutics, Inc. Ross Bersot, Paul Humphries 5/21/18
US-10271753-B1 Electrocardiographic signal monitoring device and method  Medical Wearable Solutions Ltd. Vahid SAHIHOLNASAB, Edmond Zahedi, Mohamadtaghi Katanbaf Nezhad, Hossein Sahiholnasab 5/17/18
US-10249391-B2 Representation of symptom alleviation  Cognifisense, Inc. Tassilo BAEUERLE 5/15/18
US-10203695-B2 Autonomous vehicle re-tasking during performance of a programmed task based on detection of a task interruption scenario  The Boeing Company John W. Glatfelter, Brian Dale Laughlin 5/14/18
US-10249389-B2 Individual and cohort pharmacological phenotype prediction platform  The Regents Of The University Of Michigan Brian D. Athey, Ari Allyn-Feuer, Gerald A. Higgins, James S. Burns, Alexandr Kalinin, Brian Pauls, Alex Ade, Narathip Reamaroon 5/11/18
US-10297353-B1 Estimation of glucose rate of appearance, endogenous glucose production and insulin dependent glucose utilization from continuous glucose sensors and subcutaneous insulin deliver  Prince Sultan University Ali Ahmed Al-Matouq 5/8/18
US-10152988-B2 Selecting speech features for building models for detecting medical conditions  Canary Speech, LLC Jangwon Kim, Namhee Kwon, Henry O'connell, Phillip Walstad, Kevin Shengbin Yang 5/7/18
US-10169315-B1 Removing personal information from text using a neural network  Asapp, Inc. Frederick William Poe Heckel, Shawn Henry 4/27/18
US-10092201-B2 Accurate ECG I-point and J-point detection and measurement  Guangren CHEN, Rong Yang, Zhongnong Jiang Guangren CHEN, Rong Yang, Zhongnong Jiang 4/25/18
US-10293162-B2 Method and system for providing electrical stimulation to a user  Halo Neuro, Inc. Brett Wingeier 4/25/18
US-10149625-B2 Patient signal analysis based on vector analysis  Siemens Healthcare Gmbh Hongxuan Zhang 4/20/18
US-10043591-B1 System, server and method for preventing suicide  Brain Trust Innovations I, Llc David Laborde 4/10/18
US-10219063-B1 In-ear wireless device with bone conduction mic communication  Acouva, Inc. Victor Manuel Valenzuela, Damon Vincent Mercadante 4/10/18
US-10176575-B2 Method and system for assessing vessel obstruction based on machine learning  Pie Medical Imaging B.V. Ivana Isgum, Majd Zreik, Tim Leiner 3/23/18
US-10176893-B2 Methods and systems for managing patient treatment compliance  WellDoc, Inc. Ryan SYSKO, Chris Bergstrom 3/23/18
US-10080498-B1 Capnography device with constant remote surveillance and notification capabilities  Jeffrey S. Gibson Jeffrey S. Gibson 3/5/18
US-10242757-B2 Predictive wellness management  International Business Machines Corporation Aaron K. Baughman, Diwesh Pandey, John P. Perrino, Todd R. Whitman 3/2/18
US-10209176-B2 Fluid flow cell including a spherical lens  Marqmetrix, Inc. Giora Proskurowski, Brian James MARQUARDT 2/28/18
US-10238600-B2 Package, system and methods for custody and control of drugs, and method and composition for making an oral soluble film, containing at least one active agent  Richard C. Fuisz, Joseph M. Fuisz Richard C. Fuisz, Joseph M. Fuisz 2/26/18
US-10085663-B2 Automated ECG analysis and diagnosis system  Guangren CHEN, Rong Yang, Zhongnong Jiang Guangren CHEN, Rong Yang, Zhongnong Jiang 2/26/18
US-10083518-B2 Determining a biopsy position  Siemens Healthcare Gmbh Xavier Battle, Rainer Grimmer, Philipp HOELZER, Bernhard Schmidt, Grzegorz Soza 2/26/18
US-10271170-B2 Determination of location of a mobile device  At&T Intellectual Property I, L.P. Sangar Dowlatkhah, Venson Shaw 2/21/18
US-10212778-B1 Face recognition systems with external stimulus  Kuna Systems Corporation Sai-Wai Fu, Haomiao Huang, Christopher Hiszpanski 2/19/18
US-10154655-B2 Mobile animal surveillance and distress monitoring  Equus Global Holdings Llc Jeffrey R. Schab, Michael W. Schab, Ryan M. Bowen, Jason A. Pennell, Roger P. Vonderahe 2/19/18
US-10123758-B2 Methods and systems for determining breast density  Densitas Incorporated Mohamed Abdolell, Tyna Hope, Shiva Zaboli, Kaitlyn Tsuruda 2/19/18
US-10084805-B2 Computer system to identify anomalies based on computer-generated results  Sas Institute Inc. William Robert Nadolski, Emily Louise Chapman-McQuiston, Julius Alton King, Mauricio Alvarez Nino 2/15/18
US-10206573-B2 Method of obtaining biometric information in electronic device and electronic device for the same  Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Injo Jeong, Jeahyuck LEE, Younghwan Kim, Seungeun Lee, Yongjin Lee, Bokun Choi 2/14/18
US-10223640-B2 Utilizing artificial intelligence for data extraction  International Business Machines Corporation Agueda Martinez Hernandez Magro, Herbert Barrientos Carvajal 2/9/18
US-10135988-B2 Techniques for case allocation  Afiniti Europe Technologies Limited Ittai KAN, David J. DELELLIS 2/8/18
US-10192100-B2 System and method for classification of particles in a fluid sample  Koninklijke Philips N.V. Martin Christian Valvik, Niels Agersnap Larsen, Tommy Winther Berg 2/2/18
US-10293180-B2 Multi-objective radiation therapy selection system and method  Siris Medical, Inc. Colin Carpenter, Ran Davidi, Nicholas J. Mourlas, Todd F. Atwood 1/31/18
US-10102735-B2 Systems and methods for hand sanitization monitoring and compliance  Cullen Thomas Easter Cullen Thomas Easter 1/31/18
US-10282668-B2 Devices and methods to detect compliance with regulations  Thomas Danaher Harvey Thomas Danaher Harvey 1/31/18
US-10082774-B2 Advanced control systems for machines  Sas Institute Inc. Michael James Leonard, David Bruce Elsheimer 1/30/18
US-10198927-B2 Methods for detecting and handling fall and perimeter breach events for residents of an assisted living facility  Philips North America Llc Vikram Devdas, Dan Erichsen, Kenneth Wagner, Richard Heaton 1/25/18
US-10070278-B2 Method for processing received message and electronic device implementing the same  Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Sungwoo HONG 1/25/18
US-10085722-B2 Spread spectrum coded waveforms in ultrasound diagnostics  Decision Sciences International Corporation Allan Wegner 1/19/18
US-10078759-B1 System and method for data sharing via a data structure having different-scheme-derived portions  Griffin Group Global, LLC Jonathan B. Fishbeck, William F. Heapes, Matthew Jenks 1/19/18
US-10157226-B1 Predicting links in knowledge graphs using ontological knowledge  Accenture Global Solutions Limited Luca Costabello, Freddy LECUE 1/16/18
US-10265529-B2 Apparatus for electrical stimulation of a cell and method of use  Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona Wolfgang Fink, Erich Schmid 1/10/18
US-10213491-B2 Glucose oxidase compositions as a neonate anticonvulsant  The Penn State Research Foundation Gong Chen, Zheng Wu 1/3/18
US-10159411-B2 Detecting irregular physiological responses during exposure to sensitive data  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 1/2/18
US-10154810-B2 Security system that detects atypical behavior  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 1/2/18
US-10198928-B1 Fall detection system  Medhab, Llc. Johnny Ross, Simon Joakim Olsen, Donna Caroline Samuelson, Mathew Aaron Gray 12/29/17
US-10152869-B2 Personal system for the detection of a risky situation and alert  Ellcie-Healthy Philippe Peyrard 12/22/17
US-10213921-B2 Apparatus and methods for controlling attention of a robot  Gopro, Inc. Philip Meier 12/22/17
US-10209240-B2 Predicting human developmental toxicity of pharmaceuticals using human stem-like cells and metabolomic ratios  Stemina Biomarker Discovery, Inc. Alan Smith, Paul West, Jessica Palmer 12/20/17
US-10096384-B2 Artificial intelligence expert system  Disco Health, LLC John W. Eastman 12/15/17
US-10216981-B2 Eyeglasses that measure facial skin color changes  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10130308-B2 Calculating respiratory parameters from thermal measurements  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10080861-B2 Breathing biofeedback eyeglasses  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10092232-B2 User state selection based on the shape of the exhale stream  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10064559-B2 Identification of the dominant nostril using thermal measurements  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10130261-B2 Detecting physiological responses while taking into account consumption of confounding substances  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10045726-B2 Selecting a stressor based on thermal measurements of the face  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10045699-B2 Determining a state of a user based on thermal measurements of the forehead  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10076270-B2 Detecting physiological responses while accounting for touching the face  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10076250-B2 Detecting physiological responses based on multispectral data from head-mounted cameras  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10085685-B2 Selecting triggers of an allergic reaction based on nasal temperatures  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10151636-B2 Eyeglasses having inward-facing and outward-facing thermal cameras  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-9968264-B2 Detecting physiological responses based on thermal asymmetry of the face  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10130299-B2 Neurofeedback eyeglasses  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10136852-B2 Detecting an allergic reaction from nasal temperatures  Facense Ltd. Arie Tzvieli, Gil Thieberger, Ari M Frank 12/6/17
US-10196427-B2 Epitope focusing by variable effective antigen surface concentration  Distributed Bio, Inc. Jacob E. Glanville 12/6/17
US-10124257-B2 Camera based safety mechanisms for users of head mounted displays  Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Jeffrey Roger Stafford 12/5/17
US-10236081-B2 Device for providing health management service and method thereof  Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Hyun Gi AHN, Dong Hyun ROH, Kyung Sub MIN 12/1/17
US-10257669-B2 PTX data analytic engine notifying group list of detected risk event  Kodiak Networks, Inc. Krishnakant M. Patel, Brahmananda R. Vempati, Narasimha Raju Nagubhai 11/30/17
US-10142745-B2 Hearing device comprising an own voice detector  Oticon A/S Svend Oscar Petersen, Anders Thule 11/22/17
US-10242754-B2 Method for providing therapy to an individual, Inc. Sai Moturu, Anmol Madan, Karan Singh, Abhishek Nath, Amanda Withrow, Aditya Sharma 11/18/17
US-10068059-B2 Method and system for providing automated conversations, Inc. Sai Moturu, Anmol Madan, Greg Elliot 11/18/17
US-10269448-B2 Method for providing patient indications to an entity, Inc. Sai Moturu, Anmol Madan, Shishir DASH, Karim Wahba 11/18/17
US-10014077-B2 Method and system for improving care determination, Inc. Sai Moturu, Anmol Madan 11/18/17
US-10249662-B2 Multispectral imaging device and manufacturing method thereof  Expantrum Optoelectronics Zhongshou Huang 11/17/17
US-9998491-B2 Forecasting and classifying cyber-attacks using neural embeddings based on pattern of life data  International Business Machines Corporation Mohamed N. Ahmed, Aaron K. Baughman, John F. Behnken, Mauro Marzorati 11/16/17
US-10126830-B2 User identification via motion and heartbeat waveform data  Fitbit, Inc. Shelten Gee Jao Yuen, James Park, Atiyeh Ghoreyshi, Anjian Wu 11/14/17
US-10275927-B2 System and method for three-dimensional printing, holographic and virtual reality rendering from medical image processing  Terarecon, Inc. Gael Kuhn, Tiecheng Zhao, David J. G. Guigonis, Jeffrey L. Sorenson, David W. MacCutcheon 11/14/17
US-10002259-B1 Information security/privacy in an always listening assistant device  Xiao Ming Mai Xiao Ming Mai 11/14/17
US-10198816-B2 Medical evaluation machine learning workflows and processes  Virtual Radiologic Corporation Wade J. Steigauf, Benjamin Strong, Shannon Werb 11/10/17
US-10262111-B2 Systems for safe and remote outpatient ECG monitoring  Medicalgorithmics S.A. Marek Dziubinski, Ryszard Piotrowicz, Ewa Piotrowicz, Rafal Baranowski 11/10/17
US-10278595-B2 Analysis and characterization of patient signals  Siemens Healthcare Gmbh Hongxuan Zhang 11/7/17
US-10154885-B1 Systems, apparatus and methods for continuously tracking medical items throughout a procedure  Medline Industries, Inc. Samuel Benjamin Barnett, David Noskowicz 11/6/17
US-10185914-B2 System and method for teaching compositionality to convolutional neural networks  Vicarious Fpc, Inc. Austin Charles Stone, Huayan Wang, D. Scott Phoenix, Dileep George 11/3/17
US-10251571-B1 Method for improving accuracy of pulse rate estimation  Verily Life Sciences Llc Raphael Cendrillon, Christopher Towles Lengerich, Mark Murphy, Ali Shoeb 11/1/17
US-10029068-B2 Methods and systems for reducing sound sensitivities and improving auditory processing, behavioral state regulation and social engagement behaviors  Polyvagal Science LLC Stephen Porges 10/31/17
US-10098939-B2 Reagents and methods for identifying, enriching, and/or expanding antigen-specific T cells  The Johns Hopkins University Jonathan Schneck, Karlo Perica, Joan Glick Bieler, Mathias Oelke 10/23/17
US-10206745-B2 Catheter movement control  The Spectranetics Corporation Brandon Thomas HENDRICK, Blaine Andrew Schneider 10/19/17
US-10233149-B2 Methods for forming peroxyformic acid and uses thereof  Ecolab Usa Inc. Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian, Junzhong Li, Richard Staub, Victor Keasler, Brian Bennett, Allison BREWSTER 10/11/17
US-10059335-B2 Systems and methods for hazard mitigation  David E. Newman, R. Kemp Massengill David E. Newman, R. Kemp Massengill 10/11/17
US-10137889-B2 Method for smartphone-based accident detection  Zendrive, Inc. Jayanta Pal, Bipul Islam, Romit Roy Choudhury, Pankaj Risbood, Jonathan Matus, Vishal Verma 10/9/17
US-10136861-B2 System and method for predicting acute cardiopulmonary events and survivability of a patient  Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd., Nanyang Tehnological University Marcus Eng Hock Ong, Zhiping Lin, Wee Ser, Guangbin Huang 9/20/17
US-10117582-B2 Medical hyperspectral imaging for evaluation of tissue and tumor  Hypermed Imaging, Inc. Svetlana V. Panasyuk, Jenny Freeman, Alexander Panasyuk 9/19/17
US-10155310-B2 Adaptive predictor apparatus and methods  Brain Corporation Eugene Izhikevich, Oleg Sinyavskiy, Jean-Baptiste Passot 9/18/17
US-10278443-B2 Wireless monitoring of safety helmets  At&T Intellectual Property I, L.P. II Robert R. Miller 9/15/17
US-10212579-B2 Apparatus and method for accessing wireless network  Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Seong-Wook Song, Dong-Hyun Kim, Jong-Han Lim 9/14/17

AIM Related Projects

The Experiment above was motivated by exploring the impact of  IBM Watson and Watson Paths.

see discussions  here


(unless otherwise specified, these are of general domain applicability)

  1. Rob High  and Tanmay Bakshi,  (2019) Cognitive Computing with IBM Watson: Build smart applications using artificial intelligence as a service 
  2. IBM Redbooks, IBM Watson Content Analytics: Discovering Actionable Insight from Your Content. 3rd Edition
  3. Steven Baker, (2011), Final Jeopardy: Man vs. Machine and the Quest to Know Everything 


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