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these page is geared to 'recording' links to tools and sites relevant to:

  1. Artificial /Machine Intelligence and Learning,
  2. General coding and software development,
  3. Interesting sites and topics.
  4. Scholarly Research Search Engines and Archives

Preference given to resources that offer community / open source software.

Preference also given to leading academic/non-profit sites, and to non-paywall commercial sites. Note, includes inactive/discontinued platforms that may still be web reachable. Some have useful/working GitHub  code and information entries.

AI/MI/ML Codes & Frameworks

Pythia , PyTorch

On Line & other Courses
MIT Deep Learning
Stanford AI courses

Principal Texts and Papers
Beyond the usual

Ontologies & Wordbanks
MeSH Browser
BioPortal Biological and Medical Ontologies
Portal (repository of 779 ontologies).
ConceptNet MIT; also here
NELL: Never-Ending Language Learning (CMU)
YAGO: Max Planck Institute
YAGO2 Browser

BioMedical Software Platforms
QIIME 2™ microbiome bioinformatics platform
REACTOME Biomolecular pathways, reactions, proteins


Coding and Software

BlueGriffon (html editor)
Docker (application container)
AllegroGraph (Graph Database)
Neo4j (Graph Database)

Scholarship Search & Archives

Google Scholar, Google Patents
arXiv preprint server
SocArXiv Social Sciences server
BioArXiv Biological Sciences server
medRxiv Medical & Health Science Server
CZI Meta Biomedical Literature
NIH Databases (PubMed, etc)

General References & Sources

Interesting sites and topics

Facebook Research
Allen Institute for AI

Vector Institute (Toronto)
Mila (Montreal,QC)
CSAIL MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
MIRI (Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Max Plank Institute for Intelligent Systems

IBM Watson [developer resources]

Bio / Medical Resources
Earth Microbiome Project (EMP)

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