The Journal of Ideas

ISSN: 1049-6335

This journal was initiated in 1990 as an experiment in promoting research in and inquiry concerning the evolution and spread of ideas

in many respects, it was aligned with the notion of  'memetics', however its scope and goals extend beyond the memetics meme.

In today's parlance  its interest is in the intersection of philosophy, cognitive, physical, and social sciences.

The content  is now being placed on-line, 23 years after its launch.

Perhaps it will evolve in a new incarnation.

the original content is now being scanned into pdf and is being posted as time permits.

Volume 1  #1 (1990)


Moritz, E., Memetic Science I  -  General Introduction

Bonner, J.T., Cultural Evolution: A Biologist's View

Brooks, D.R. and McLennan, D.A., Searching for a General Theory of Biological Evolution

Wiley, R.A., The Metabolic Roots of Consciousness

Salthe, S.N., Sketch of a Logical  Demonstration that the Global Information Capacity of  a Macroscopic System Must Behave Entropically When Viewed Internally

Henson, H.K. and Lucas, A.,  Memes and Creationism

Volume 2  #1 (1991)

Covers and Editorial

Lynch, A., Thought Contagion as Abstract Evolution

Lumsden, C., Culture as a Semantic Fractal: Sociobiology and Thick Description

Witten, M., Modeling the Distribution of a "Meme" in a Simple Age Distribution Population: I. A Kinetics Approach and Some Alternative Models

Heylighen, F Josslyn, C. and Turchin, V., A Short Introduction to the Principia Cybernetica Project

Moritz, E.,  Brain and Mind: the Ultimate Grand Challenge

Volume 2  #2-3 (1991)


Locke, J, Of Ideas

Maurer, B.A., and Brooks, D.R.,  Energy Flow and Entropy Production in Biological Systems

Moritz, E., On the Road to Cybernetic Immortality: A Report on the First Principia Cybernetica Workshop

Barkow, J.A., The Origin of the Capacity for Culture

Barkow, J.A., Folk Psychology, Free Will and Evolution

Machine Consciousness - Call for papers

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